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Whole Home Audio

Bring every piece of technology in your home right to your fingertips. Love this song? Use the iPad control to stream it throughout the entire house. No more fumbling over remotes or switching between apps. Welcome to complete home automation.

System Design

Whether you are building a new home or planning to remodel your existing one we are here to design a system that meets all your audio/video needs. Working closely with you the client, as well as architects, designers, and builders our focus is to ensure your utmost satisfaction in the investment you are making. Our team is dedicated to insuring quality installation of all equipment and the detailed completion of each project.

Thermostat Control

Want to be able to control your thermostat without ever leaving the couch? How about from across the world? Did you want to turn that fan on? With our custom designed control system the possibilities are endless.


Theater Rooms

The ultimate movie experience is one that you can have in the comfort of your own home. The simple controls and surround sound provides a submersive environment that can make any movie come to life.

Lighting Control

Save time, energy, and money with a custom lighting control system that can also be controlled from your iPad or iPhone. No need to worry next time you go out of town, you can simply set those lights in the kitchen to come on every night for a few hours and make it look as if someone is still home.

In Wall Keypads

Introducing the In-Wall Key pad, controlling your lights, climate, shades, and music just got easier. With a sleek design, programmable color touchscreen these are a must have. The hard buttons and graphic interface is fully programmable allowing you endless possibilities for controlling all of the electronics throughout your house.

Structured Wiring

When building a new home, you might not always know exactly what wall your TV will end up on or what kind of surround sound you might want down the road. The key is to wire today's homes for the full potential of tomorrow's technology. We offer custom pre-wiring options to fit all your needs.


Conference Rooms

Whether you are hosting training for a new employee or an executive meeting, new and existing clients, your conference room says a lot about you and your company. Our team of experts can help you design a fully functioning, easy to use state of the art conference room to meet all your needs.

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